Dapoxetine is a medication that is used primarily for the treatment of premature ejaculation, in men between the ages of 16-64 years old. It belongs to a group of medications called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, which are a group of medications that usually are limited to anti-depressants. It is most commonly known under the brand Priligy.

It was originally discovered by Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company, who originally entered it into clinical trials as a treatment for depression, before it was decided that it was not working as an anti-depressant treatment and started to be trialled as a treatment for premature ejaculation instead. This is due to the speed in which it is processed and then eliminated from the body.

The formula was sold to Johnson & Johnson in 2003 for further trials to treat premature ejaculation, and in 2004 was submitted as a New Drug Application to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It has now been marketed and approved in more than fifty countries all over the world.

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What is Dapoxetine Used For?

Dapoxetine benefits those who suffer from premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is defined as a type of sexual dysfunction, where a man orgasms and ejaculates much sooner than he or his partner would like, such as before or just after starting sexual intercourse.

A panel of twenty-one scientists and experts, called the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) agreed on a scientific definition in October 2007, after reviewing the many research studies that have been conducted into this condition. Their definition was that premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction found in men. The condition is characterized by fast uncontrolled ejaculation usually within the first minute of penetration.

Does dapoxetine work in any situation? Although they recognised that this definition was only limited to people who engaged in vaginal intercourse, they also recognised that premature ejaculation occurs in people who engage in other types of sexual activity.

The difference between lifelong premature ejaculation and acquired premature ejaculation is exactly how it sounds. Lifelong premature ejaculation occurs from a man's first sexual experience, while acquired premature ejaculation occurs at some point later down the line. Importantly, it is noted that lifelong premature ejaculation usually results in psychological issues, while acquired premature ejaculation is usually caused by new psychological issues.

Some hypothesise that lifelong premature ejaculation is present due to an underlying and undiagnosed neurophysiological condition, while acquired premature ejaculation is most likely due to a new sexual partner or stressor.

There are many factors that can come into play that can cause this premature ejaculation, both physical and psychological. Some of the psychological reasons may be:

  • Poor body image
  • Depression
  • Anxiety (especially about suffering from premature ejaculation)

Some of the physical reasons may be:

  • Erectile dysfunction - the anxiety about maintaining an erection may cause a man to rush to finish while they are still erect, causing premature ejaculation.
  • Abnormal hormone levels - an increased level of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism) and an increased level of prolactin can cause premature ejaculation.
  • Abnormal neurotransmitter levels - it has been shown that low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin can result in premature ejaculation. Likewise, increasing the levels of serotonin can result in delayed ejaculation, hence why selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, such as this medication are prescribed to treat this condition.

How Does Dapoxetine Work?

what is dapoxetine made of? It works much the same as many other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), by altering how long serotonin acts on the brain. It is not entirely clear how it affects premature ejaculation, but it is thought to inhibit serotonin transporters, keeping serotonin acting for longer on the serotonin receptors in the brain.

Ejaculation is regulated by many different aspects of the body, but a large part of this is related to the central nervous system. Messages travel from the bottom of the spinal cord once stimulated by messages from the male genitalia. These messages travel up the spine towards the brain, which tells us to ejaculate. Studies have shown that it delays these signals that travel through our central nervous system, which therefore allows us more control over when we ejaculate.

How Long Does Dapoxetine Last?

As previously mentioned, it is an SSRI, a group of medications which are usually used to treat depression. Because of how fast acting it is, and how quickly it is eliminated from the body, it is much more suitable for used as a treatment for premature ejaculation. This is because the effects of it do not last for long enough to treat a chronic, constant condition such as depression, which needs long-term medication.

does dapoxetine work immediately after you take it? Its effects kick in around 1-2 hours after consumption, at which point sexual activity should be initiated, and the maximum plasma concentration is reached between 1-2 hours. It is difficult to say exactly how long the effects of Dapoxetine last, as the half of the medication is eliminated from the body after 1.5 hours (the half-life of the medication), although some say the effects work up to 12 hours later. Unlike many other medications, food does not alter how long the effects of this medication last, or how long it takes for the effects of this medication to kick in.

This medication tends to work in around eight out of ten men who suffer from premature ejaculation. The other two out of ten are generally thought to have other underlying conditions behind their premature ejaculation. Its effects typically extend the amount of time that someone can last in bed by two to three times their usual time.

Dapoxetine Dosage Instructions

This medication should be swallowed whole with water, and can be taken with or without food, as it does not have a large impact on the workings of it. This tablet should not be chewed or snorted. A standard dapoxetine dosage for this medication is 30mg per day. This dose can be increased if needed, subject to close monitoring, and a review with a medical professional after 4 weeks, up to a maximum of 60mg per day.

Further reviews can take place every 6 months or so after the first review. No more than the maximum recommended dapoxetine dosage should be taken daily, as this can increase the risk of side effects. Likewise, if you feel that 30mg works fine, and you wish to take a lesser dose, you can split a tablet into 15mg halves. It should not be taken every day.

Dapoxetine Side Effects

what is dapoxetine known to cause as a side effect? This medication is known to be particularly safe, so there are not a large number of side effects to speak of. However, like any medication there are side effects, which you should always be aware of first before administering a dapoxetine dosage. Although this is not a full list of side effects, and therefore you should always conduct your own research, some of the more common side effects are:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Fainting

Any of the above side effects are considered normal. If these side effects continue for a worryingly long amount of time, or if you suffer from particularly severe episodes of any of the above, you should seek immediate medical attention.

There are some side effects which are much rarer, but which are also worth mentioning. These side effects occur in less than 1% of men who take these pills. These are:

  • A change in mood
  • Feeling confused or disorientated
  • Feeling weak or lethargic

Before taking any new medication, you should check with your doctor to see if it interacts with any medications that you are currently taking. For example, you should not take dapoxetine tablets if you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors, amongst other medications. For a full list, please read the patient information leaflet.

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How Safe Is Dapoxetine?

This medication is as safe as any other that has been tested in pharmaceutical grade conditions by scientists from regulatory bodies in many of the major countries. It has been approved as safe for medical use for the treatment of premature ejaculation, amongst other countries. So, rest assured, if you are looking to buy Dapoxetine online, you do not need to worry.

does dapoxetine work for everyone? No, there are some groups of people who should not take this medication. These are:

  • Those who have not been diagnosed with premature ejaculation
  • Those who already suffer from low blood pressure, especially if it causes them dizziness and fainting
  • Those who are prone to substance abuse, such as recreational drugs and alcohol
  • Those who suffer from epilepsy

It is recommended that you avoid alcohol altogether when taking this medication. This is because alcohol can increase the risks of side effects such as dizziness, sleepiness and slowed reactions.

Dapoxetine vs Viagra

People often prefer to compare medications relating to sexual dysfunction if they are considering buying one of them, so if someone is looking to buy Dapoxetine online, they may look to compare it to another famous sexual dysfunction medication, Viagra. The truth is however; these two medications serve quite different functions.

It is used for the treatment of premature ejaculation, which is when someone ejaculates too quickly during or prior to sexual activity. Viagra, however, is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Although they are both used for common sexual issues, they do not serve the same purpose, and further than that, it is not recommended that separate doses of them are taken at the same time, unless prescribed by a doctor. This is because both medications can lower blood pressure, which when combined, can result in an increased risk of dizziness and fainting.

Before You Buy Dapoxetine Online

Before you take dapoxetine tablets, you should look first to speak with your doctor, to see if there are alternatives to medication that you can try before you buy Dapoxetine. It would be foolhardy to suggest that this condition is one which men do not find embarrassing, as it often is, and resultantly these men may not approach their doctor for help, so instead try and buy Dapoxetine online to treat their premature ejaculation. Much of the time they may feel that this condition is not very common, hence their reluctance to disclose this information to anyone outside of their relationship.

Studies have found however, that premature ejaculation is much more common than you would think. It has been confirmed that between 30% to 40% of men have suffered from some form of premature ejaculation during their life. Additional studies have further revealed that this condition is the most common type of sexual dysfunction found in men.

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